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What’s new in WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” ?

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What’s new in WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” ?
wordpress vaughan

The Team
This WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” release was headed by Helen Hou-Sandí. Jeff Paul and Aaron Jorbin contributed as Major Release Associates, along with the assistance of some of the finest developers. Almost 500 contributors with supported this release—the best and most ever! 205 of them contributed for the first time. This is a remarkable achievement and accomplishment.

Twenty Seventeen-a new default theme
As per tradition, WordPress brings in new and modern default theme which lets your site to life with solid featured images and video headers.
Twenty Seventeen was developed by keeping a focus on business websites. The main page with multiple sections can be personalized as per requirements. You can customize it with widgets, custom colours, navigation, social menus, a brand logo and much more. The default theme works seamlessly for a wide range of users in different languages, on any device from desktop to mobile.
Customize at finger tips
WordPress 4.7 integrated new features to the customizer panel to allow you through the initial theme setup. With continuous live previews, all changes come in one nonstop process flow. In order to start your website, this theme provides a compact base to start with. Specific themes can provide starter theme content apparently when you do the customization’s for your new site. This can run from putting a business information widget to furnishing a sample menu to add Social Media links to a Static front page finish with elegant pictures.  Nothing to worry about as no details will show on the live website until you click on Save and Publish.

Easier Menu Structure
Numerous menus for websites contain connections to the pages of your site, so what happens when you have not created any pages yet? You can incorporate new pages while building menus as opposed to leaving the customizer and deserting your progressions. Once you’ve published your changes, you’ll have new pages prepared for you to load with content.

Custom CSS
Now and again you simply require a couple of visual changes to make your site look perfect. WordPress 4.7 permits you to include custom CSS and in a flash perceive how your changes influence your site. The live review permits you to work rapidly without page refreshing backing you off.

Thumbnail Previews
Documents management and control just got easier with the new WordPress 4.7 version. Uploading PDFs will instantly generate thumbnail images to differentiate between all documents.


Dashboard in Any Language
Since your site is in one main language, this doesn’t imply that everyone overseeing it favor that language for their admin.
You can now add more languages to your site. A user language option will show up in the user’s profiles.Edit Shortcuts
Noticeable icons seem to show you which parts of your site can be redone while live previewing. Tap on an alternate route and get straight to Editing. Combined with starter content, beginning with modifying your site is much quicker than any time in the past.
Video Headers
Nowadays, a moving video header image is just what you require to showcase your products and services. Just try it out with Twenty Seventeen and see the innovation.
Need some specific ideas? Try browsing in google for site video headers available for download and use. Don’t upload a copyrighted video. Always check for free usage or buy options if not free.

WordPress 4.7 Vaughan comes with REST API Content Endpoints for comments, posts, users, metadata, and settings.
Content endpoints provide computer-readable outside access to your WordPress site with a nice, quality driven interface, making the way for new and innovative methods of cooperating with other sites through plugins, apps, and themes.

More Developer Options
Post Type Templates
Theme developers have even more freedom with the WordPress template structure by opening up the page template functionality to all post types.
More Theme APIs
This theme version includes updated functions, hooks, and behavior for theme developers.
Custom Bulk Actions
List tables, now with more than bulk edit and delete options.
The code that lies beneath the actions and filters has been modernized with fixing bugs along the way.
Settings Registration API
register_setting() has been improved to incorporate type, description, and REST API visibility.
Customize Changesets
Customize Changesets make modifications persistent in the customizer. Now changes can be made to one theme and flip to another in the customizer without dropping the changes.
WordPress 4.7 Security and Maintenance Release
WordPress 4.7 is now available and it better than before. New maintenance and security releases help this version to perform better and stronger. WordPress always recommend updating the site theme with newer version updates and releases.
Earlier WordPress versions were affected by six security issues as mentioned below:
Cross-site scripting (XSS) via media file metadata.
Control characters can trick redirect URL validation.
Unintended files can be deleted by administrators using the plugin deletion functionality.
Cross-site scripting (XSS) via video URL in YouTube embeds.
Cross-site scripting (XSS) via taxonomy term names.
Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) in Press. This leading to excessive use of server resources.
The latest WordPress 4.7.3 is released with all new updates and enhanced security releases.
Finally, thanks for visiting and reading our blogs and all the community members for appreciating their support. Additionally, we appreciate the WP team for their efforts to bring WordPress 4.7 into a fully packed theme.
If you want to follow along or help out other users, please comment below or share this on social media. You can reach out our customer support team anytime.
Thanks for choosing Digitalcenturysf – we hope you enjoy! Please do check out blogs. They are indeed fun with new stuff to read out!
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Top 3 Visual Page Builder for WordPress

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Top 3 Visual Page Builder for WordPress

There’s been a huge influx of WordPress page builders recently on the market, so it’s difficult to know which one to choose and where to begin.

If you’re not sure of which page builder is best suited for you, don’t worry! We’ve combined our expertise and testing time to bring you a complete look at the best page builder plugins on the internet market. We will talk about the main features, pros & cons, pricing, and suitability. With lots of expert opinions, this blog will lead you through reviewing 3 popular WordPress page builder plugins. It’s difficult to declare a clear winner and we will leave it to you!

Visual Composer

Visual Page Builder for WordPress
Visual Composer is presently the most popular WordPress plugin at CodeCanyon. It is currently powering more than 1 million websites.
In a sentence, it’s a visual content builder with an easy to hold interface, some drag-and-drop functionality (just for aligning the elements) and with loads of features.
Like the name suggests, Visual Composer offers everything you’d require from a visual builder, and it works flawlessly with your existing WordPress theme. Additionally, the whole kit at a reasonable cost.
It also doesn’t offer much of a learning curve. By clicking the plus button, you can add several elements to a page and then choose what you want from the wizard.

Main featuresVisual Page Builder

• Extremely Lightweight, Works well with any post type, and even custom post types.
• Creating pages and posts is simpler than ever!
• 100% fully responsive with desktop & mobile-ready layouts.
• Over 40 inbuilt content blocks including rows, text blocks, columns, charts, buttons, social media icons and much more.

• Front-end editing available for you to review the content which is exactly going to look like on the website.
• Back-end editing through the editing screen if you choose to keep things arranged in WordPress.
• More than 60 built-in pre-defined layouts.
• No more copy/paste of shortcode. Include any shortcode of the third party to the list of VC menu elements for re-using later.
• Adding parallax style background to Visual Composer rows.
• With a single click, add icons including Social Media from the popular icons libraries.
• Compatible with WPML, mqTranslate, and qTranslate.

$34 (Licensed Version)

• Downloadable layout templates with pre-designed templates and they are regularly updated. Create your layouts literally in no time.
• No web development knowledge or skills are required.
• The professional customer support has a very good standing.
• Works well with WooCommerce.
• SEO-friendly with most popular plugins like Yoast SEO.
• All-inclusive video tutorials and knowledge base


• Building columns and rows are a little less automated and manual than with MotoPress Content Editor. However, this might be an advantage for some users.
• Shortcodes based. Hence, if you uninstall the plugin, the content you’ve created will stop functioning.

Whom Visual Composer can be best suited for?

Get Visual Composer if you:
• wish to use the plugin with your current WordPress theme.
• want to use a plugin that’s been tested and used by thousands of customers and has great positive reviews all through the internet,
• need something that permits you to edit your content both on the front-end (during live previewing) and in the wp-admin,

Dividivi page builder

The Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder.
Build Visually Anything with Divi Builder. It comes with a super-fast and incredibly spontaneous front end editor. It changes the way of building websites forever. Easily add new rows, columns and content elements than ever to make your website more responsive. The Divi Builder is one of a kind WordPress page builder to offer a truly customizable interface for organizing your content.


Main featuresdivi Visual Page Builder

• Design instantly! Everything is updated instantly right before your eyes when you make a change to your page.
• Start typing by just one click onto your page and! Not required to open the settings panel to add any content text.

• Apply custom CSS and even adjust sizing, fonts, colors, spacing and even. Each element is fully customizable.

• Download, Import, export, and even share design layouts from the web. You can save layouts to your library for using later.

• All fits together automatically from choosing between several column types and adding a new row.

• Enjoy responsive live previews and set customizations to specific mobile divisions.

• Divi is incredibly fast and requires no page refreshing. It’s almost 0% loading of any kind.

• Head-start your design procedure by utilizing one of the pre-made layouts that come with Divi.
• Translated Into 32 multiple Languages

• 46 Content Elements

• $69 for Personal
• $89 for Developer
• $249 for Lifetime

• You will have a layout option that will be seamless for a large share of projects.
• Fully responsive to a variety of regular sizes to fit any mobile device and desktop.
• Easy customizations to steal a variety of looks.
• Divi is a good choice for you if scrolling display of content makes you grin. It is designed and developed to really function well as a scrolling website. Clean and Smooth scrolling loading effects for content to build a sense of communication with the user.
• Divi proved its mettle of being a great revolution for many more years to come. Supported by an emerging company and strong community.


• Divi isn’t actually a framework. People looking for a design to work or look completely different from the main Divi, then this may just not be the right place to start up.

• It is storing a ton of shortcode data for the posts. If you ever decide to switch to another theme after creating hundreds of articles, your content will be jumbled up with shortcodes.

• It’s always complex to design inside a box for a designer. If you are performing multiple projects and you feel Divi may be the final solution to many of them, get ready to see your portfolio may start to look all the same.

Whom Divi best suited for?

Get Divi if you:
• will likely keep using it for a very long period of time. The cost of changing your site’s theme might cost you as much as a new custom theme.
• want to use Drap & Drop to create content and design without any coding knowledge.
• want to use a theme that’s has a dedicated support, client control access, unlimited site building options, and easy editings.

Beaver Builder

Overview:beaver builder wordpress
Beaver Builder is an advanced visual page builder with complete drag-and-drop support. What makes this plugin stand out is its custom content editing interface. On the front-end, and it gives you an exact depiction of what your page is going to look when it’s live.
Beaver Builder also delivers a set of inbuilt templates for various pages. For example: landing pages, about page, services page, portfolio page, and more.
Everything you build with the plugin is going to be mobile-friendly. It will work with your current WordPress theme. Also, you get to reuse your designs by exporting them.

Main features

• Use the builder to design both posts and pages.
• Professionally Designed and Selection of 12 pre-built home page and 11 inner page layouts.
• All layouts can be fully customized with the builder.
• After the Beaver Page Builder is launched, the view switches to the front end and offers the opportunity to choose one of the home page layout templates.
• Responsive and mobile-ready layouts.
• Full drag-and-drop functionality.
• Import and export features.
• A nice combo of built-in content modules (photos, headings, text, photos, maps, icons, videos and much more).
• Inbuilt page templates.
• All the elements can be edited by moving over them to access the context menus.
• Compatible with WooCommerce.
• Multisite capable.
• SEO-friendly.
• WPML compatibility.
• Excellent customer support.

o $99 – Standard,
o $199 – Pro,
o $399 – Agency.

• Highly mobile responsive
• User-friendly and Intuitive page builder interface
• High-quality and helpful page templates
• Good range of useful modules
• Extraordinary customization options
• Suitable plugin arrangement settings
• Optional Beaver Builder theme
• Relatively even exit approach

• No inline text editing available
• Lesser tools than other Page Builders
• Relatively more expensive than some of the competition
Whom Beaver Builder can be best suited for?

Get Beaver Builder if you:
• want a platform which is easy to use,
• want a full drag-and-drop support,
• need a set of inbuilt page templates,
• want to edit your content both in wpadmin and on the front-end,
• want to be able to import or export your layouts.
• dent have good enough coding knowledge

Drag-and-drop visual content builders have surely risen a lot in the last couple of years. And, we are really astonished to see the variety of features, interface, and compatibility of each builders’ offer these days against how reasonable the price is.
That being said, hope you have chosen yours. Simply pick the style that describes you best.
Let us know by commenting below and share your thoughts as well. We love to hear from you.

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What is upcoming Bootstrap 4.0?

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What is upcoming Bootstrap 4.0?

Twitter Bootstrap is a free, reliable and open-source front-end web framework for creating websites and web applications. The basic programming languages used for Bootstrap are HTML, CSS, and JS. Twitter Bootstrap allows web developers to create their beautiful and responsive website and mobile apps. We at DCSF create our  WordPress templates using Bootstrap framework.

Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton worked at Twitter and designed a front-end web app toolkit now known as Bootstrap. It has many advantages and a lot of key factors that drive developers to use this tool for their website and apps development.

First, this tool takes less time for coding because it a rich collection of pre-built libraries. The Bootstrap library is full of readymade piece of codes which can be used for designing websites or apps. There are a lot of styling and design aspects already taken care of. Since they are based on CSS.

Second, the main purpose of creating this tool is for consistency. Twitter had noticed big time inconsistencies while developers working on their front end projects. Bootstrap has brought the difference as results are uniform across different platforms such as desktop, netbook, tablet, and mobile devices. Similarly, we will see the same on different internet browsers such as Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox or even phones. Below are the main features of Bootstrap.

  • INTEGRATION is like a piece of cake in Bootstrap. For an example, if we need to use table styling all we need to do is select the style and copy them to the CSS file we are working with. At the same time, it will immediately launch its style and help linking up with the working file.
  • RESPONSIVENESS is the key factor. We need not fret over our work in case we are shifting our work from laptop to iPad or from iPad to Mac. It automatically adapts to the change in platform.
  • FUTURISTIC TOOL. Any future changes in a programming language can be adapted using this. It is equipped with strong elements and specifications. Therefore, this is considered the future design itself.
  • DOCUMENTATION. Bootstrap’s documentation is very impressive and easy to find whenever we need any help. This makes it user friendly from a developer point of view.
  • ADAPTABLE is the right word for Bootstrap. Any ordinary developer will need some time to figure this out and work on this. Eventually, we have mastered it in no time, all modular approaches and good architectures are combined together in the same platform.

What is Twitter Bootstrap upcoming version 4.0?

Bootstrap 4.0
Bootstrap 4.0 has arrived in the market with much ado and expectations. We must tell you, it seems to be the finest from the creators Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. And they are getting ready for the first beta release from Alpha 6.

Designed and created with all the love in the world, it’s a free, reliable and open-source front-end web framework for creating websites and web applications in fingertips.

Goal and Prerequisite:

We will go through the features and changes from a prior version of Bootstrap to have more understanding on this version.

Bootstrap uses HTML- and CSS-based design templates and it is a new age technology of creating your own websites and apps in the easiest way. A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is required.

Integrating Flexbox

Bootstrap 4.0 is now flexbox! Flexbox is a massively influential design layout tool, providing supreme control and flexibility to core mechanisms and grid system. The release comes at the price of dropping Internet Explorer 9 support but delivers important developments to alignment, sizing, and section layout.

Bootstrap 4.0 flexbox

If you are hearing about Flexbox for the first time, here’s something for you:

  • Horizontal or Vertical centring without coding values with margin or translate
  • Equal width and height cards
  • Right button and navigation groups
  • Columns are automatically organized in equal-width grid (for e.g., 2 columns are spontaneously 50% wide)
  • Easily change display, alignment, direction, and more with Utility classes.
  • No more broken table-style rendering or HTML white space
  • Auto margins for simple spacing

Totally all components now take benefit of flexbox in place of display: floats and table hacks. That means less dependence on clearfix, more control over visual order, DOM and lesser errors.

List groups, cards, Navs, and more all use flexbox. Even additional intricate components like, “carousel” have been changed to use flexbox in some instances.


Such cards substituted Bootstrap’s previous version’s old  panels. It is an extensive and flexible content container. It comprises options for a wide range of content, powerful display options, contextual background colours, along with headers and footers. They’re fundamentally separate content blocks with a ton of multipurpose options.

Below image demonstrates all the different things you can make with cards:


The big thing about Cards is you receive out of the box options to form these little card blocks in whichever way you want.

Worth noticing into the Card Decks and Card Groups. The contents can be of different sizes, but they will be all equal in height without any JS.

Reboot.css (New Reset Component)

Bootstrap used Normalize.css earlier as its CSS reset. Normalize is well-respected and great. With Bootstrap 4, they just took and added more Bootstrap gears to normalize.css

In common terms, they join their base styles and reset into one file. This is valuable because ultimately you could basically use just reboot.css on its own.

Sass for Customization

The word customization fits very well for Bootstrap 4 – maybe more than version 3.0. They’ve merged all the variable options to one file where you can compile your Sass easily with little effort.

There’s also a group of new customization options. You can take a sneak peek in the Bootstrap 4.0 documentation.

You can do many customizations like below:

  • Colours
  • Link Styles
  • Options (Flex Box, shadows, rounded, transitions, and more)
  • Spacing
  • Body
  • Grid Breakpoints
  • Grid Columns
  • Grid Containers
  • Components
  • Typography
  • Tables
  • And much more…

IE8 Support Dropped

IE8 support was dropped with this version. Dropping support for IE8 provides us the advantage of the best components of CSS without being stopped with CSS fall-backs or hacks. This means the maintainers can now pay attention to newer technologies and drive forward.

It’s still unclear if there will be a fractional support with a respond.js or HTML5 shiv or not. If you need IE 8 support, you’ll have to stay back using Bootstrap 3.

Display Headings

Display headings are main text for page headings. This permits you to give a fine customized style to any element.

There are 4 types of sizes right now. The higher the number, the more the heading size:

Bootstrap html

This is how it would show:

heading Bootstrap

35% Smaller Footprint

Bootstrap 4 is 35% smaller than the earlier Bootstrap 3! It was previously around 125 kb and around 90 kb. This is an enormous decrease for not losing out any special features.

Tether addition to Tooltips


Tether is incorporated into Popovers and Tooltips for better performance and auto-placement. It is built by the Hub Spot team and well-defined as a client-side library to make categorically placed elements attach to elements in the page professionally.

This means you must include tether.js if you want Popovers or Tooltips to function accordingly.

Outline Buttons

Bootstrap 4 has included new button styles with “Outline Buttons”. Outline Buttons are simply inverses or appear hollow of a normal button.

The classes are extremely straight forward:

Bootstrap buttons

This is how it would look like in action:

outline buttons


In fact, Bootstrap 4 is now only in alpha 6 stage, it’s still really electrifying. Bootstrap has come a long way since its first release. The team behind this is working their minds out to bring in the Beta version soon.

Stay tuned for more!

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