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A must read for WordPress Gutenberg

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A must read for WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress is the most popular open source software that powers approximately 30% of the websites on the Internet. Customizing a WordPress template requires long hours of dedication and potential risks of introducing security bugs. In addition, not many people know HTML, CSS, and PHP. Therefore, visual page builders such as Visual Composer, Divi, Elementor, Upfront Builder, etc. are popular among WordPress web masters because they don’t require any coding knowledge. Gutenberg is one of the latest project under development at WordPress that allows people to create content using block structures without having to write a single line of code. Best of all, Gutenberg is 100% free, open source, and have a large community of people who can provide support.

The editor will create a new page- and post-building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery. — Matt Mullenweg

Gutenberg uses block structure to create content such as text, image, video, etc. This allows people an easy and intuitive drag and drop page builder for creating content. What is a block? A block is a fundamental unit of section on a page that provides content through text, short-codes, widgets, and so on.  For example, see the block section below


Gutenberg is scheduled to be released with WordPress 5.0 sometimes in 2018. There is an important need to make Gutenberg backward compatible with the previous versions of WordPress because million of websites are running on WordPress. For example, short codes will be compatible with Gutenberg and users can choose to integrate short codes with the rich visual editor. Meta boxes and custom post types are also going to be compatible.  Last but not least, Gutenberg will be supported by all major web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. For more information, see the resources below.

Useful Resources

  1. Overview – https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/ 
  2. Documentation – https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/handbook/
  3. Frequently Asked Questions – https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/handbook/reference/faq/
  4. Source Code – https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg
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What’s new in WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” ?

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What’s new in WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” ?
As we roll into the New Year, the developers bring the new major release of WordPress, Version 4.7 as “Vaughan”. Named after the well-known jazz singer Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, the version brings new features and elements which allow you to set your website the way you have wished for. It is now available for update or download in your WordPress dashboard.
wordpress vaughan
The Team
This WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” release was headed by Helen Hou-Sandí. Jeff Paul and Aaron Jorbin contributed as Major Release Associates, along with the assistance of some of the finest developers. Almost 500 contributors with supported this release—the best and most ever! 205 of them contributed for the first time. This is a remarkable achievement and accomplishment.
Twenty Seventeen-a new default theme
tweenty seventeen
As per tradition, WordPress brings in new and modern default theme which lets your site to life with solid featured images and video headers.
Twenty Seventeen was developed by keeping a focus on business websites. The main page with multiple sections can be personalized as per requirements. You can customize it with widgets, custom colours, navigation, social menus, a brand logo and much more. The default theme works seamlessly for a wide range of users in different languages, on any device from desktop to mobile.
Customize at finger tips
wordpress cutomizer
WordPress 4.7 integrated new features to the customizer panel to allow you through the initial theme setup. With continuous live previews, all changes come in one nonstop process flow.
In order to start your website, this theme provides a compact base to start with. Specific themes can provide starter theme content apparently when you do the customization’s for your new site. This can run from putting a business information widget to furnishing a sample menu to add Social Media links to a Static front page finish with elegant pictures.  Nothing to worry about as no details will show on the live website until you click on Save and Publish.
Easier Menu Structure
Numerous menus for websites contain connections to the pages of your site, so what happens when you have not created any pages yet?
You can incorporate new pages while building menus as opposed to leaving the customizer and deserting your progressions. Once you’ve published your changes, you’ll have new pages prepared for you to load with content.
Custom CSS
Now and again you simply require a couple of visual changes to make your site look perfect. WordPress 4.7 permits you to include custom CSS and in a flash perceive how your changes influence your site. The live review permits you to work rapidly without page refreshing backing you off.
Thumbnail Previews
Documents management and control just got easier with the new WordPress 4.7 version. Uploading PDFs will instantly generate thumbnail images to differentiate between all documents.
Dashboard in Any Language
wordpress language dashboard
Since your site is in one main language, this doesn’t imply that everyone overseeing it favor that language for their admin.
You can now add more languages to your site. A user language option will show up in the user’s profiles.Edit Shortcuts
Noticeable icons seem to show you which parts of your site can be redone while live previewing. Tap on an alternate route and get straight to Editing. Combined with starter content, beginning with modifying your site is much quicker than any time in the past.
Video Headers
video headers
Nowadays, a moving video header image is just what you require to showcase your products and services. Just try it out with Twenty Seventeen and see the innovation.
Need some specific ideas? Try browsing in google for site video headers available for download and use. Don’t upload a copyrighted video. Always check for free usage or buy options if not free.
WordPress 4.7 Vaughan comes with REST API Content Endpoints for comments, posts, users, metadata, and settings.
Content endpoints provide computer-readable outside access to your WordPress site with a nice, quality driven interface, making the way for new and innovative methods of cooperating with other sites through plugins, apps, and themes.
More Developer Options
Post Type Templates
Theme developers have even more freedom with the WordPress template structure by opening up the page template functionality to all post types.
More Theme APIs
This theme version includes updated functions, hooks, and behavior for theme developers.
Custom Bulk Actions
List tables, now with more than bulk edit and delete options.
The code that lies beneath the actions and filters has been modernized with fixing bugs along the way.
Settings Registration API
register_setting() has been improved to incorporate type, description, and REST API visibility.
Customize Changesets
Customize Changesets make modifications persistent in the customizer. Now changes can be made to one theme and flip to another in the customizer without dropping the changes.
WordPress 4.7 Security and Maintenance Release
WordPress 4.7 is now available and it better than before. New maintenance and security releases help this version to perform better and stronger. WordPress always recommend updating the site theme with newer version updates and releases.
Earlier WordPress versions were affected by six security issues as mentioned below:
Cross-site scripting (XSS) via media file metadata.
Control characters can trick redirect URL validation.
Unintended files can be deleted by administrators using the plugin deletion functionality.
Cross-site scripting (XSS) via video URL in YouTube embeds.
Cross-site scripting (XSS) via taxonomy term names.
Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) in Press. This leading to excessive use of server resources.
The latest WordPress 4.7.3 is released with all new updates and enhanced security releases.
Finally, thanks for visiting and reading our blogs and all the community members for appreciating their support. Additionally, we appreciate the WP team for their efforts to bring WordPress 4.7 into a fully packed theme.
If you want to follow along or help out other users, please comment below or share this on social media. You can reach out our customer support team anytime.
Thanks for choosing Digitalcenturysf – we hope you enjoy! Please do check out blogs. They are indeed fun with new stuff to read out!
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Top 3 Visual Page Builder for WordPress

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Top 3 Visual Page Builder for WordPress

There’s been a huge influx of WordPress page builders recently on the market, so it’s difficult to know which one to choose and where to begin.

If you’re not sure of which page builder is best suited for you, don’t worry! We’ve combined our expertise and testing time to bring you a complete look at the best page builder plugins on the internet market. We will talk about the main features, pros & cons, pricing, and suitability. With lots of expert opinions, this blog will lead you through reviewing 3 popular WordPress page builder plugins. It’s difficult to declare a clear winner and we will leave it to you!

Visual Composer

Visual Page Builder for WordPress
Visual Composer is presently the most popular WordPress plugin at CodeCanyon. It is currently powering more than 1 million websites.
In a sentence, it’s a visual content builder with an easy to hold interface, some drag-and-drop functionality (just for aligning the elements) and with loads of features.
Like the name suggests, Visual Composer offers everything you’d require from a visual builder, and it works flawlessly with your existing WordPress theme. Additionally, the whole kit at a reasonable cost.
It also doesn’t offer much of a learning curve. By clicking the plus button, you can add several elements to a page and then choose what you want from the wizard.
Main features

Visual Page Builder

• Extremely Lightweight, Works well with any post type, and even custom post types.
• Creating pages and posts is simpler than ever!
• 100% fully responsive with desktop & mobile-ready layouts.
• Over 40 inbuilt content blocks including rows, text blocks, columns, charts, buttons, social media icons and much more.

• Front-end editing available for you to review the content which is exactly going to look like on the website.
• Back-end editing through the editing screen if you choose to keep things arranged in WordPress.
• More than 60 built-in pre-defined layouts.
• No more copy/paste of shortcode. Include any shortcode of the third party to the list of VC menu elements for re-using later.
• Adding parallax style background to Visual Composer rows.
• With a single click, add icons including Social Media from the popular icons libraries.
• Compatible with WPML, mqTranslate, and qTranslate.
$34 (Licensed Version)

• Downloadable layout templates with pre-designed templates and they are regularly updated. Create your layouts literally in no time.
• No web development knowledge or skills are required.
• The professional customer support has a very good standing.
• Works well with WooCommerce.
• SEO-friendly with most popular plugins like Yoast SEO.
• All-inclusive video tutorials and knowledge base

• Building columns and rows are a little less automated and manual than with MotoPress Content Editor. However, this might be an advantage for some users.
• Shortcodes based. Hence, if you uninstall the plugin, the content you’ve created will stop functioning.
Whom Visual Composer can be best suited for?

Get Visual Composer if you:
• wish to use the plugin with your current WordPress theme.
• want to use a plugin that’s been tested and used by thousands of customers and has great positive reviews all through the internet,
• need something that permits you to edit your content both on the front-end (during live previewing) and in the wp-admin,

divi page builder
The Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder.
Build Visually Anything with Divi Builder. It comes with a super-fast and incredibly spontaneous front end editor. It changes the way of building websites forever. Easily add new rows, columns and content elements than ever to make your website more responsive. The Divi Builder is one of a kind WordPress page builder to offer a truly customizable interface for organizing your content.

Main features

divi Visual Page Builder
• Design instantly! Everything is updated instantly right before your eyes when you make a change to your page.
• Start typing by just one click onto your page and! Not required to open the settings panel to add any content text.

• Apply custom CSS and even adjust sizing, fonts, colors, spacing and even. Each element is fully customizable.

• Download, Import, export, and even share design layouts from the web. You can save layouts to your library for using later.

• All fits together automatically from choosing between several column types and adding a new row.

• Enjoy responsive live previews and set customizations to specific mobile divisions.

• Divi is incredibly fast and requires no page refreshing. It’s almost 0% loading of any kind.

• Head-start your design procedure by utilizing one of the pre-made layouts that come with Divi.
• Translated Into 32 multiple Languages

• 46 Content Elements

• $69 for Personal
• $89 for Developer
• $249 for Lifetime
• You will have a layout option that will be seamless for a large share of projects.
• Fully responsive to a variety of regular sizes to fit any mobile device and desktop.
• Easy customizations to steal a variety of looks.
• Divi is a good choice for you if scrolling display of content makes you grin. It is designed and developed to really function well as a scrolling website. Clean and Smooth scrolling loading effects for content to build a sense of communication with the user.
• Divi proved its mettle of being a great revolution for many more years to come. Supported by an emerging company and strong community.

• Divi isn’t actually a framework. People looking for a design to work or look completely different from the main Divi, then this may just not be the right place to start up.

• It is storing a ton of shortcode data for the posts. If you ever decide to switch to another theme after creating hundreds of articles, your content will be jumbled up with shortcodes.

• It’s always complex to design inside a box for a designer. If you are performing multiple projects and you feel Divi may be the final solution to many of them, get ready to see your portfolio may start to look all the same.

Whom Divi best suited for?

Get Divi if you:
• will likely keep using it for a very long period of time. The cost of changing your site’s theme might cost you as much as a new custom theme.
• want to use Drap & Drop to create content and design without any coding knowledge.
• want to use a theme that’s has a dedicated support, client control access, unlimited site building options, and easy editings.
Beaver Builder

beaver builder wordpress
Beaver Builder is an advanced visual page builder with complete drag-and-drop support. What makes this plugin stand out is its custom content editing interface. On the front-end, and it gives you an exact depiction of what your page is going to look when it’s live.
Beaver Builder also delivers a set of inbuilt templates for various pages. For example: landing pages, about page, services page, portfolio page, and more.
Everything you build with the plugin is going to be mobile-friendly. It will work with your current WordPress theme. Also, you get to reuse your designs by exporting them.

Main features

• Use the builder to design both posts and pages.
• Professionally Designed and Selection of 12 pre-built home page and 11 inner page layouts.
• All layouts can be fully customized with the builder.
• After the Beaver Page Builder is launched, the view switches to the front end and offers the opportunity to choose one of the home page layout templates.
• Responsive and mobile-ready layouts.
• Full drag-and-drop functionality.
• Import and export features.
• A nice combo of built-in content modules (photos, headings, text, photos, maps, icons, videos and much more).
• Inbuilt page templates.
• All the elements can be edited by moving over them to access the context menus.
• Compatible with WooCommerce.
• Multisite capable.
• SEO-friendly.
• WPML compatibility.
• Excellent customer support.
o $99 – Standard,
o $199 – Pro,
o $399 – Agency.
• Highly mobile responsive
• User-friendly and Intuitive page builder interface
• High-quality and helpful page templates
• Good range of useful modules
• Extraordinary customization options
• Suitable plugin arrangement settings
• Optional Beaver Builder theme
• Relatively even exit approach
• No inline text editing available
• Lesser tools than other Page Builders
• Relatively more expensive than some of the competition
Whom Beaver Builder can be best suited for?

Get Beaver Builder if you:
• want a platform which is easy to use,
• want a full drag-and-drop support,
• need a set of inbuilt page templates,
• want to edit your content both in wpadmin and on the front-end,
• want to be able to import or export your layouts.
• dent have good enough coding knowledge
Drag-and-drop visual content builders have surely risen a lot in the last couple of years. And, we are really astonished to see the variety of features, interface, and compatibility of each builders’ offer these days against how reasonable the price is.
That being said, hope you have chosen yours. Simply pick the style that describes you best.
Let us know by commenting below and share your thoughts as well. We love to hear from you.

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Wix Vs WordPress: Choosing the Right Software For Your Website

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Wix Vs WordPress: Choosing the Right Software For Your Website

Wix and WordPress are two of the most impressive brands in the web building industry. Both provide high-quality themes, plugins, functionality and interface. They are leading the race among the other builders and publishers.

Before the launch of Wix, there have been many discussions on whether Wix is superior to WordPress. Users and Critics on both sides of the fence, each trying to ascertain that their select is the best. Here we believe that there are no perfect winners and losers because without agreeing on the user market and purposes, endorsing anything is simply meaningless.

In this Wix versus WordPress review, we’re going to cover the pros and cons of each platform in simple terms. You can notice that WordPress and Wix are both promising options, but for different purposes outlined below.

We’ll try to keep technical stuff to a minimum and focus on main features of each platform. Let’s explore and find which one is right for you:

1) Easy Usage

a) Wix

Wix Vs WordPress


Wix has an intuitive, visual, and user-friendly interface where you’ll be conducting a lot of dragging, dropping and clicking.  This user-friendly interface makes it easy and quick to design and publish your website, even if you have practically no knowledge of web designing and coding. Therefore, Wix is suitable for beginners who want to build a simple website.

Example 1:

Wix has an innovative solution to drag-and-drop website building – Wix Artificial Design intelligence or Wix ADI. This Wix ADI is available for the major sections of website themes such as blog, business, portfolio, and real estate & resume. You can choose between Wix ADI and Wix Editor Classic.



The specialty of Wix is that it make things tremendously easy irrespective of the website building stage you are in: account creation, background change, blog posting, image additions or connecting a custom URL & domain. The whole thing can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

WordPress, regardless of being the most popular open source CMS available, it isn’t the simplest web publishing solution. WordPress is much more challenging to use than Wix, mostly because it isn’t an end-to-end solution for creating a website: with Wix you get all (hosting, widgets, templates and more) with one account. With WordPress, you only get a CMS, so there’s some learning needed for a beginner.

Since WordPress doesn’t take the visual style, so coding may be vital if any customization has to be prepared.

Example 2:

If you know how to navigate a website, you can surely build a website with Wix: it virtually requires no training. With WordPress, as a minimum knowledge of HTML/CSS is compulsory. While Wix comes with self-hosting and updated automatically, WordPress users must find a separate web hosting and manually update their software.
features, functionality & flexibility

wix settings

Wix is a multipurpose site builder with very easy editing interface. You can incorporate many extensions into your website – Wix App Market has an assembly of various free and paid add-ons. Here are some examples: Form Builder, Comment, Live Chat Room, Display Any Social Feeds, Customer reviews, Site Search, Events Calendar and much more.

All apps are easy to manage and install. Some are developed by Wix and some are delivered by 3rd-party developers. Let’s have a look at Wix’s internal features:

Blogging:  Featured posts, Facebook comments, Scheduled Blog posts, and Blog Archive.

Forum: You can install a simple forum from the App Market in your website. Intelligently managing it, you will obtain your own website community for building more traffic.

E-commerce: Ability to generate coupon codes, tax management, numerous payment options, etc. Wix’s Commerce machine is aimed for smaller business.

Wix Shout Out: Your Wix site lets you effortlessly accumulate data from your guests as they connect with your site. All their data is consequently saved to the Contacts segment in the dashboard.

You can utilize this information later to make Smart Actions by picking triggers and allocating activities. For example, you can set Smart Actions to welcome new customers to redeem a coupon when a new client joins to your newsletter.

Wix Shout Out

Wix doesn’t expose the codes. They do have a ‘custom HTML’ widget, yet they don’t give full access to the website’s source code.

wordpress plugins

b) WordPress

Example 1:

It began as a blogging platform, however immediately developed from this single purpose and turned into an adaptable program for making different sites, from portfolios to web stores. This has been possible due to many plugins which can create any sort of functionality to your website. Social plugins, SEO packages, Commenting systems, Security plugins are just a few names. However, you need to be familiar with the dashboard sections : Posts, Media, Pages, Appearance, Plugins and more in order to enhance your website features and functionality.

Example 2:
Adjusting usability with intricacy is difficult, the simpler the tool, the less adaptable it is. But this doesn’t have any significance to Wix. It gives you flawless blend of adaptability and convenience that is harder to reach with utilizing WordPress CMS.

Design Comparison :

No. of ThemesHundredsThousands
Theme CostFreeFree-$300
Visual EditorYesYes
Theme ChangeNoYes
Mobile OptimizedYesYes
CSS Coding EditingNoYes
  • Wix:  You can browse several wonderful, completely flexible themes in more than 70 industry classifications. There is additionally one-page theme layout and clear templates that characterize your future site’s structure. However, there is no content in them. All Wix layouts are mobile prepared, and you can change the versatile look of your site utilizing Wix’s Mobile Editor.
  • WordPress: There are two spots to discover WordPress themes: the WordPress.org theme directory, which is the greatest and official place to get a theme, and free theme online shops such as ours. There are free and premium themes available to use. Unlike Wix, you’ll have to learn some coding before trying to edit a WordPress theme. You can switch WordPress themes anytime.

2) Customer Support

a) Wix 

It has a considerable support centre.  Over 262,000 topics are posted in the official forum, tons of video tutorials, email support and also a complete education platform is available in Wix platform. You can find many heads-up in the editor itself – almost each editable component in the control panel comes with a help sign. Simply click for more details.
b) WordPress

You’ll experience no difficulty discovering WordPress specialists – there’s an enormous group of webmasters work in WordPress. However, there’s no official support staff.
Outcome WordPress is generally utilized; you’ll discover many web blogs, groups and YouTube channels devoted to this CMS, however, there’s no email address to call for assistance. Wix gives coordinated help and runs a broad knowledgebase.

3) Cost

a) Wix

It is a free plus premium site builder. You can create and publish a website with a free account. It will remain so until you choose to upgrade.

  • Plans cover Hosting charges, Themes, and Extensions
  • 5 paid versions: Connect domain ($4.50/month), VIP ($24.50), Unlimited ($12.50), e-commerce ($16.50), and Combo ($8.50).

If you choose to pay annually, the plans may get discounted.

Pricing OptionsConnect Domain ($4.50)CMS (Free)
Combo $8.50Hosting ($5+/mo)
Unlimited $12.50Plugins ($10+/mo)
eCommerce ($16.50)Pro Themes ($25+/mo)
VIP ($24.50/mo)
FeaturesFree PlanFree of Use
Hundred of Free ThemesOver 10K of Themes
Online StoreAll-Purpose Plugins
Unlimited BandwidthActive Community

b) WordPress 

The CMS itself is free. However, you’ll need to purchase a hosting plan in order to get published. Let’s do some calculation to evaluate the total cost of your WordPress site: hosting ($7-$12/month), plugins (free/$20-$200, one-time payment) and theme (free/$20-$100, one-time payment).

Wix arranges themes, web hosting, and free plugins. Yet, the cost can go up on if you have to introduce a paid application from the App market. On the other hand, WordPress is free, and the cost will rely upon a number of plugins you require, hosting provider, a premium theme and the sky is the limit from there.
You may likewise need to hire a web developer if profound customization has to be made. So the aggregate cost of your WordPress website may require more investment.

4) The Bottom-line:

Though WordPress appears to be more commanding than Wix, a lot of HTML and CSS learning is required to do well with this CMS. If you’re willing to spend your time and make an effort, then WordPress is a clever decision. This platform is more agile, urbane and may sustain for the longer period.

On the opposite, Wix does all the heavy pulling for you, and all that’s required from your end is uploading your content and little customization’s. It’s easy, fun and effective. But, you might face server issue and delay while doing content changes which is the biggest downside.

We leave it up to you to choose from.

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Why is Avada WordPress Theme so popular?

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Why is Avada WordPress Theme so popular?


Avada WordPress Theme

Avada WordPress Theme is designed by Theme Fusion, sold more than $5 million worth of products and has over 170,000 customers. It is continuously rising in the WordPress theme market. Avada’s success story is very impressive and has positive customer ratings on themeforest.net.

In our review, we will look into Avada’s popular features among WordPress users.

Beautiful Designs

Avada WordPress Theme

This theme offers you with unlimited theme designs alternatives. It permits you practically to make any design without the need of different themes. The Avada theme options panel and Fusion Builder tool assists you to pick unlimited styles or designs. It makes possible to use a popular theme and built a unique one.

Professionally Designed Demos

best wordpress themes

Each Avada demo is specifically designed to exactly signify a specific industry: Health, Technology, Wedding, Resume, Photography and much more. Avada Classic demo is the leading demo that incorporates all the features. Professional web designers shaped these unique designs that give you a jump-start to create your website. Particularly all demos are fully created with the advanced network of options. These don’t require any knowledge of coding.

Install Demos

avada demo

Avada provides several free professional and elegant demos to import with one click demo importer.

Demos can be installed by following below steps:

Step 1 – Locate admin sidebar.

Step 2 – Navigate and move to the Avada Install Demos tab

Step 3 – Prior to install a demo, please ensure to install and activate the essential plugins listed on the demo.

Step 4 – Choose the Avada demo you want to import.

Step 5 – Click ‘Install

Avada Theme Options Control Panel

Avada’s advanced theme options panel offers you to customize any part of your site easily and quickly. Each element on the site can have the colour changed to your choice.

Site Colours:

Change the site colours with the backend colour picker, choose a dark or light skin, and change the gradients of the buttons.


Select any fonts, change colours, sizes, and heights.


Enable or disable several layout options. Choose from several footer column layouts.


Advanced blog and portfolio options are present. Select any of header designs, Social network set up, uploading customized icon, turn reactions on or off, custom background uploads to the background areas and page title bar, Select wide or box version and choose from various blog design layouts.


fusion slider

Select the type of sliders you wish to have on each web page. Picking and placing a sidebar. Can insert customized CSS coding. Many other options for easy customization are on the cards.

New Fusion Page Builder Tool
This builder comes with each purchase from Avada WordPress Theme. One great thing about Fusion is that it comes supplied with a plenty of sliders. If you are an admirer of building stimulating slides on your site, you’ll love this fusion page builder. It offers Fusion Slider, Elastic Slider, Revolution Slider, and Layer Slider WP.

fusion builder
The user interface is spontaneous with a visual shortcode editor for customization. This builder is still evolving and has come a long way since its release. It’s now super easy to drag and drop content to create beautiful pages, speeds up your workflow and Library section helps you to get custom contents.
Advanced and Powerful Page Options


Avada’s custom post options help you to customize content for every section. Effectively set any of our sliders to appear on a page, set distinctive background picture or colour per page, pick a left or right sidebar, choose to show or conceal the top page title bar, pick 1, 2 or no icons in the image rollover per posting, portfolio post can either be a full-width post with the details below, set the page to full width, or select a half width image with the description in the next column to it. Create beautiful slideshows for both blog posts and portfolio, quickly embed videos as well. Featured blog images can also be  customized. Loads of choices!

Avada comes with quite a few plugins with each license. You also receive a copy of Fusion Core plugin to work precisely with Avada theme. The plugins include Fusion sliders, menus, short codes, and full-fledged modern page builder.

Apart from that, you also get Parallax Fusion Slider, Layer Slider, Elastic Slider, Revolution Slider, are all dispatched with the theme. Helping you to create customized beautiful pages with CSS animations and sliders.

 Fully Integrated

avada woocommerce

Avada is fully compatible with many e-commerce platforms. The incredible integration is attractive and provides you enough means to add a blog section, portfolio, landing pages, or any other type of content you wish to add up. You can create forums without the need of setting up a separate plugin for forums.

This impressive theme offers inbuilt styles for Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WPML, The Events Calendar, etc

Other Features, Options, and Settings

avada settings

Avada delivers very easy to use gears to create sliders, landing pages, and customize options as much as you need. Mobile visibility system allows you to control seen on small, medium and large screen. Use logo option to create Central Header Logo. Beginners would find it difficult to use the tools. However, it also gives you an option to import demo content. Just select a demo and you can download all its content into your website.
5 Commons Reasons for Customer Dissatisfaction:

  • Bugs and Errors:

Avada does not have any bug or glitches at all, we can decisively confirm that. Besides, they had developed the Avada Patcher tool. This permits development team to do fixes, theme improvements, and features to any running Avada installation. This removes bugs almost immediately and eliminates the need to needless theme updates. Avada patches can be applied with a few mouse clicks. It is simple and easy.

  • Customer Support:

Support staff is very agile in responding and fixing customer issues. You might need to contact a couple of fix issues. However, Avada is generally known for great customer and product support.

  • Slow loading of a page after installation.

This theme requests its user to do image optimization, backlinks check, and query your hosting partners for the speed and page loading issues. A 3rd party plugin can also be an issue. Removing and reinstalling plugins helps page loading time.

  • Post Update, more customization required

The theme informed that no customizations are required before, during or after updating your theme. They request to read the product documentation and manual before doing the migration.

  • Unable to generate a token key

It is easy and simple to generate a Token. For more information, please visit Avada site and check the help section. Or if you have purchased the package, you might find in the documentation.

Despite a few downsides, once you try out this theme, you won’t search themes for more. Simply remarkable in each way you can probably imagine. Now all need to do is move the demo content with your own style.

Our rating for this theme is 5 stars. We love playing around this theme to get the best out of it.

If you are interested in this award winning 5 star Avada WordPress Theme for your website, just leave us a message. Our experts would be in touch with you in no time.


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Highest Rated Business WordPress Template

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Highest Rated Business WordPress Template

WordPress is unquestionably the most preferred CMS (Content Management System) platform on the web. Users love WordPress themes because it is easy to set up and can be used to create a website like blog, individual, real estate, commerce, corporate and portfolio site. Due to WordPress popularity, Themeforest has become the right destination for all businesses who are searching for best themes online. Quality Business WordPress themes are not easy to find, that’s why we have decided to gather some of the best WordPress themes available on ThemeForest.



Avada is a great theme which will function excellently for any site. There are currently more than 80,000 websites using this theme. This theme is a standout amongst the bestselling WordPress themes. This theme is an extraordinary choice when you need to start selling online products and services. It was amazingly designed to work with e-commerce plugins. Avada is one of the best alternatives you must consider. It is adaptable, responsive and dynamic which are the key components of a theme.




Total is a clean, perfect, brilliant and great looking. It is simple to utilize, well informed and exceedingly responsive WordPress multipurpose theme. It has been able to perform at the top level over a large number of business websites without any difficulty.  It requires definitely no coding to execute this theme. It is well designed with built in features, flexible widgets and premium plugins.

Total has got a flexible structure for developing expressive websites with modern technologies.  For example, remarkable premium sliders by the Revolution Slider, the Layer Slider plugins and menus equips anyone to start their work instantly.



Uncode is an exceptional, engaging, dynamic and brilliant WordPress theme. It has been made with surprising arrangement of tools and features. It can create proficient and interactive websites without a single line of code.

Uncode is powered by the most recent and developed web technologies. It is integrated with HTML5 coding and also adaptable CSS3 styling together. It is totally loved by all clients over the internet. It is a theme that gives you a chance to build websites which visitors can appreciate and share with others quickly.



Oshine is an extremely vibrant, visually spectacular and equipped with superior customization. It is designed to be a creative and expressive. It is a one-stop solution for a vast range of individual to commercial clients.

Oshine’s custom drag and drop page builder allows anyone to create incredible layouts from scratch. Many premium slider features like Carousel Slider, Master Slider, and Full Screen Slider simplify the display of huge volume of content.

Outshine with Oshine! 



Kalium is one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes. It is perfectly suited for portfolios, blogs, and businesses. Clients will be surprised after they explore your composed and streamlined page. It guarantees your introduction to your clients will be a positive one. Each features can be modified or changed. This strengthens innovativeness and ensures that your business website will have an extraordinary look. There is no particular learning required and pages can be effectively created. Kalium has included more than 600 fonts from the Google Fonts Directory. The most mainstream fonts are pre-chosen and you can pick other fonts as well.

You will be judged by the nature of your online pages. So, Kalium serves the purpose.

Massive Dynamic

Premium WordPress Template

Massive Dynamic offers a series of professionally designed custom developed templates and demo pages.  It is amazingly convenient for corporate, commercial, business, individual creative or professional websites. They include all required configuration settings, plugins and small codes. They are readily functional everywhere. It has some great customization features including header designs and a dynamic header customization technology. It helps you to transform your concept to live website in quick time. E-Commerce support and functionality are fully included in the theme which makes it easier.

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Top Websites for Downloading Free WordPress Templates

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Top Websites for Downloading Free WordPress Templates

A theme is the spine of any website and no blogger needs an inadequately outlined website. The theme is the piece of your blog which will reflect your identity, and what you consider, so it’s vital to have an appropriate yet very appealing theme that will match the reason for your blog. With regards to selecting great quality themes, we at Digitalcenturysf provide high quality WordPress templates.

Well-designed yet free WordPress Themes are elusive, yet when quality is your first need, you need the best theme for your WordPress blog. We as a whole realize that there are parts and loads of sites out there where you can get extraordinary looking, stunning WordPress Themes for your blog. In any case, every one of them will make your wallet lighter.

Since we as a whole realize that there are different costs included while dealing with a blog, we have chosen to arrange a list of free premium-quality themes — in no specific request — for WordPress. We are sure our readers will locate an appropriate theme for their blog from the list.



Colorlib serves around 450,000 visitors on average and whopping 900,000 page views a month. Most of the traffic comes from US, UK, Germany Australia, and Japan. Their themes have been downloaded over 600,000 times. They are reached a great milestone in terms of visitors since 2014.

Highlights of Colorlib:

  • All themes have dozens of Theme Options to get the best out of them. All can be done with a single entry of code.
  • Their themes have the best coding standards in place and they are reviewed by WordPress experts. They promise performance, simplicity, and error free experience.
  • All their themes come with detailed documentation that will get you started in no time. Get additional assistance from support forum with theme setup.




They started their journey back in Nov 2012. They provide easy-to-use themes and designs that can be managed by everyone.

Highlights of Themeisle:

  • No high maintenance costs. No more expensive training required to “get WordPress.”
  • Great Backend Support
  • Simple themes for specific needs, which can be installed in under a couple of minutes
  • Pixel Perfect Design





Justfreetemplates provides free WordPress themes for blogs, law agencies, real estate, photography, restaurants and more. They work with some of the top theme designers on the internet.

 Highlights of Justfreetemplates:

  • A variety of 1633 templates and more. Over 18,137,933 views and 5,041,822 template download.
  • You can get free Web, WordPress, Joomla, CSS3, HTML5 and quite good looking responsive premium templates
  • Any designer can upload their work for free or on a premium basis.

 Theme Grill

 Theme Grill

ThemeGrill has become a widespread choice with the increasing use and popularity of WordPress. There are thousands of free responsive WordPress themes out there with quality and classy looking ones. Some of the free themes provided by them are Spacious, Flash, Zerif Lite, Sydney, and ColorMag.

 Highlights of ThemeGrill:

  • They are suitable for digital studio, parallax business portfolio, news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, business, blog, and realstate agencies as well.
  •  Many features including full-screen slider, full-color control, layout control, sticky navigation
  • Google fonts, header image, social icons etc. Front page blocks are overwhelming

FAB Theme

FAB Theme

Fabulous WordPress themes are offered free to download on FabThemes. They can be easily installed, customized, responsive and quick to load themes. Themes can be found in various categories from Bootstrap, E-commerce, Magazine, Portfolio, News, Blogs, Food, Listings, Lyric, Photography and more. They are also available in different colors and you can choose from the list for a demo.

Highlights of FabThemes:

  • FREE DOWNLOAD- You can download Cool premium looking themes at no cost.
  • THEME OPTIONS-All themes are built with options panel to adjust and configure various theme settings and options.
  • NO JUNK CODE- Unlike other free many low grade themes out there, they do not encrypt theme footer files. They keep it clean and transparent for using with confidence that the website will be safe.

Thank you for visiting Digitalsf and reading this article! We highly appreciate it! Please visit our themes section to check out our latest designs and pixel perfect themes at themes section

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Top 5 Free Plugins for Restaurant WordPress Template

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Top 5 Free Plugins for Restaurant WordPress Template

Website design is usually fairly upfront. A good design layout is a basic requirement in any business website and restaurant is not an exception. Effective Restaurant WordPress Template along with plugins can improve the functionality of your site and this will get you more customers. With these, you can help your customers to view food and drink menus, find a location or even make reservations and place orders smartly.

With all of the above in mind, we have accumulated a list of 5 Free WordPress Plugins for Restaurants

1: Restaurant Reservations
Restaurant WordPress Template

Restaurant Reservations is a popular plugin from the same developer as Food and Drink Menu allows customers to reserve tables from website. The plugin offers some useful features such as email notifications when a reservation is made, and limiting bookings outside of opening hours.

Highlights of Restaurant Reservations

  • Confirm or reject bookings with just a few mouse clicks
  • E-mail notifications can be sent to customers to provide a receipt of acceptance or rejection
  • Bookings can be restricted at specified dates and times
  • Booking form can be placed in various pages, posts, and widgets

 2: Food and Drinks Menu

Restaurant WordPress Template 2018

The most key thing about your business is the food or drink you are offering your customers. It plays a vital role in your business and it should do the same on your website. Customers want a perfect, simple menu that they can scan over quickly and get an idea about the prices. Looking just as good on a smartphone as it does on a big screen.

Highlights of Food and Drink Menu

  • Create a restaurant menu for bars, cafes and restaurants, and display it in templates, posts, pages, and widgets.
  • This plugin creates two new post types, Menus and Menu Items, which can be used to easily create a menu. Create items on your menu, set them into sections and then form menus out of them.

3. Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Basic Google Maps Placemarks is a useful plugin for any business with a physical location. It enables you to insert a Google Map into pages or posts using a shortcode, and you can add many placemarks on the map – mainly useful for businesses with more than one location.

Highlights of Basic Google Maps Placemarks

  • Placemarks can have its own custom icon
  • Different pages can display single map with their own settings
  • Option to categorize placemarkers, and link each map to specific groups
  • Choice of map type, size, and zoom level

4: Speed Contact Bar

speed contact bar

The Speed Contact Bar plugin is a useful addition for any business, allowing you to display a bar at the top of every page of your site showing your business’s contact information. Speed Contact Bar could be crucial.

Highlights of Speed Contact Bar

  • Choose any items of contact information to be added to the bar
  • Phone icon can be clicked to trigger a phone call
  • Size, color, and fonts can be altered
  • Social Sharing icons are included.

Finally, what do other customers say about you?

Positive reviews on websites like Google help businesses gain extra publicity and further enhance online trustworthiness. A recent study found that the buying decisions of 90% of customers are influenced by positive online reviews. So, you should really display your reviews on the website.

Display Google Places Reviews plugin on your WordPress website and help boost consumer confidence and search engine optimization.

So that’s our list of free restaurant plugins that will improve any food or drink based business website. We hope you find these useful and you can embed them in your website for best results and increase business.

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Highest Rated Real Estate WordPress Template on ThemeForest

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Highest Rated Real Estate WordPress Template on ThemeForest

There are countless themes on Real Estate WordPress Template on ThemeForest that are suitable for building a real estate website with WordPress. When it comes to the real estate theme, specific features offer from these themes, depending on your collection, you will be puzzled for a good choice. You need to look out for features include advanced search, filtering options help your site visitors find exactly what they are a looking for. The ability to promote your users as a key selling point of your business.

We have filtered out the best of the group along with our Hexo theme for your review


Hexo Real Estate WordPress Template

Hexo Real Estate WordPress Template is relatively new and fresh. It deserves to be talked about. It is of a very high quality, the look, and feel of this theme might look fairly similar at first glance. After taking a closer look you will discover that all of these templates can be customized in some way

Main Features:

  • Fully Responsive for Tablet, Mobile Desktop: This theme looks great on major desktop browsers such as Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, etc. In addition, this theme looks great on tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android devices.
  • 30 Fully Layered PSD Files (Save $24): Included 30 PSD pages that were skilfully designed and approved by the highest standards from Theme Forest. This would cost $30, but we incorporated it in this product for free.
  • HTML Version (Save $17): We also included 10 professionally designed HTML pages that were approved by the highest standards from the staff at Theme Forest. This would usually cost you $17 but we included it in this product at no charge.
  • Real One Click Data : Demo data prepared with a few simple clicks.
  • Mail-chimp plugin: Integrated mail chimp plugin in this theme so you can start building a marketing campaign.
  • Contact form 7 support: Easily customizable contact form so you receive questions or comments from your customers.

WP Pro Real Estate7

WP Pro Real Estate 7 accompanies 6 unique variations to browse. Subject to your decision, the landing page of your website could include your most prevalent listings, an interactive google map connects to your listing, or a full screen picture that grandstands your image. The distinctive components from each of the home page alternatives can likewise be blended and coordinated, to help you get the correct search and feel for your site. Consequently, in the event that you are searching for an adaptable theme for making at least one real estate sites with, this could be the one. With WP Pro Real Estate 7, all your content can be inserted through the front end of your site. You can essentially utilize the custom form to include or redesign your listings easily.

WP Residence

WP Residence is an efficient theme outlined with autonomous real estate dealers and developers as the main priority. You can make an exceptionally advanced search engine with your own custom property fields. You can control the global header, select whether to utilize the property theme slider, Google Maps, Revolution Slider, a picture or nothing from what was just mentioned. Every page permits you to overwrite the global header too. You can make numerous bundles with expiration dates extending in days, weeks, months or years. You can select the quantity of posting and what listings ought to be included on every page. The paid submission permits you to charge for each extra listing in the event that you’d like, and the likelihood to request an additional fee to show a property prominently on the page.

Realty Space

Realty Space

Realty space highlights five diverse homepage designs and a simplified page developer tool to really help you assemble the custom real estate site your business needs. And in addition, the eyecatching homepage displays, your site visitor will locate the intelligent search tool, agent profiles, blog feeder, testimonial display, and contact form helpful. With regards to showing your properties, the Realtyspace theme gives you various choices. Realtyspace stuffed with valuable components, as well as incorporates three premium plugins to overhaul your site. By utilizing the packaged Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, and Advanced Custom Fields 5 plugins, you can do significantly more with your site, including make custom page formats, assemble advanced sideshows, and deal with your content all the more effectively with custom fields. Realtyspace really emerges in this accumulation, because of its expert plan and great adaptability.

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Top 5 Paid Plugins for Real Estate Websites

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Top 5 Paid Plugins for Real Estate Websites

This article will certainly give you detailed info regarding paid plugins for your real estate website. From advanced search options to beautiful displays of properties, the plugins below offer something for everyone. Generally, they are free, yet commonly they do have a little cost. Typically range amount $9 to $99.

1. SumoMe

SumoMe wordpress plugin

SumoMe is the most loved plugin right now.  Your lead conversion can get more than doubled with this. You can create as many landing pages and run A/B tests on them with a few mouse clicks. After you install this plugin, your need to log in to SumoMe account and connect the crown which is floating in the upper right-hand corner and start activating apps and have fun to turn your site into a lead machine.

Some of  the features are:

  1. List Builder: Increase your daily email signups more than 20%
  2. Content Analytics:  The content marketer’s magic
  3. Discover: Get more traffic to your site
  4. Contact Form:  Make it easy for your customers to talk to you.
  5. Buy Button: To sell anything on your website

2. IDX Broker PT

IDX Broker PT wp plugin

IDX plugin has worked as consistently over the years well as the IDX Broker Platinum plugin.  IDX Broker Platinum offers awesome features, here are a few:

  1. New Omni-Search Widget, Never Framed, Design Community,
  2. Mobile Responsive,
  3. Map Search Widget,
  4. Build Neighborhood Pages,
  5. The Best Office IDX Available and Affordable Pricing.

3. WP Smush

WP Smush wp plugin

If you have a slow website loading issue, it would destroy User Experience and SEO rankings in Google. One of the biggest disadvantages on site’s resources is image loading. And the more you have, they are the slower your website will load.

Some of the features are:

  1. This plugin shrinks the images that you load onto your website.
  2. You can just load your images and click the Smush button, or set it to work automatically whenever you are loading images.

4. LeadPages

LeadPages wordpress

For generating more leads on your real estate WordPress website, you will need landing Pages. You can buy landing page services such as; IDX plugins, Home Value Leads, and Top Producer.

But, if you want to make your own, you can use the Highly Customizable, Extensive Font Collection, and Tons of Beautiful Templates to Start From, Publish a Landing Page in minutes with LeadPages Plugin.

5. Optima Express and Market Boost IDX Plugin

Optima Express and Market Boost IDX Plugin

The Optima Express and Market Boost IDX Plugin is brought to you by iHomefinder. It offers property listings, market data reports, and MLS data all on your WordPress website. It has its own reputation for SEO and leads capture. Some of the plugin features are below:

  1. Fully responsive and impressive design.
  2. Beautiful Galleries – listing galleries can be added to pages, posts, and sidebars.
  3. User-friendly Property Search.
  4. Interactive Google Map.

The medium plan starts at $49.95 a month. You can upgrade to their premium plan, which they offer at $74.95 a month deep feed email marketing option.

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