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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

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Okay, so you are building a new website using WordPress. The website needs a contact form for communication purposes. This is an essential part of any website which cannot be ignored. Contact form is important because it let your website visitors easily get in contact with you.
There are a lot of plugins available in the WordPress repository like Contact Form 7, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Pirate Forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Pro, and so on. Each plugin has both a free-to-use & premium version of it. Free versions are available on the repository for download. Just go to and search your desired plugin.
Today, I’m here to discuss Contact Form 7, the free and premium features, what you can do using it, how to install it, and so on.  I will let you know everything about Contact Form 7, so that you can easily use it in your new website.

What does contact form 7 do?

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular and powerful WordPress plugin. It’s used to let visitors contact the owner of a website.
It’s free, simple & flexible contact form plugin. You can also send an email using this plugin.
What are the features?
There are a lot of features of this plugin. One of the best feature is that it’s simple and very easy to use.
# Customizability
# Simple markup
# User interface
# Useful documentation
# Multiple contact form
# File attachment
# Akismet Span filtering
# Cc, Bcc & other mail headers
# reCaptcha
# Ajax submission
# Lots of third party extensions
How many downloads does it have? 
The latest version of this plugin is 5.0.1 and it has been downloaded over 79,905,528 times and over 5 million active installs (at the time of writing this article ). So it is clearly the most powerful & popular plugin for WordPress.  You can get more details from here.
How to integrate contact form 7 into a wp website?
First step is go to your wordpress Dashboard and select Plugins > Add New from the admin menu.
Then type contact form 7 into the search bar. Contact Form 7 will be visible withing few seconds in your dashboard. Just click Install > Active. Now you are ready to use it.
Creating a custom from:
Once Contact Form 7 is installed, you will find a default form. So you might need to make a custom form. To make a custom form go to the WordPress Admin Panel.
Select Contact > Add New. You will see a from will appear like below.
Here is a form name field. Give your form title ( as you can create multiples contact form so it should be unique ). And below title you will see a from which is the contact from template. You can easily customize this template. Here are few form tags, you add those tags according to your needs. For example, to add a Email field, just click on the email button (as marked below).
If you want to more stylish then you might need to use bootstrap in your form. Don’t worry, you can use HTML markup also in this field. In that case paste your whole form markup except from tag in the template form and then just generate the from tag and replace it with your static fields (input,check,radio,file,submit etc).
You can also add label above of the fields. To add the label follow the screensot below.
This is the way to add as many extra custom field to your website according to your needs. Just click the below save buttons once you have finished.
Setting up mail:
Okay, you have created a from which is generated by you so it needs to few settings to get a notification email to your admin email when someone submit this form. There are few fields.
To: Users submitted forms will be sent to the email address you specified here. So be sure that the email address is correct.
Form: It should be a valid email address. Server will use this address to send forms.
Subject: It’s a subject of the mail. You can specify the subject of the contact form email. It contains the summery of a mail.
Additional headers:
Contact Form 7 allows you to create an additional header which will be added to the contact form email. Using this settings you can set Cc & Bcc email for your form. When someone sent a from front-end from your website then the mail will sent to your admin email ( To field ) and  also cc & bc emails. Get to know more details go here.
Message body:
This is the message body. Here you can see message details.
Mail (2):
It is used as an autoresponder, but you can use it for any purpose. Mail (2) is sent only when the primary Mail has been sent successfully.
Display a contact form to the page or post:
Since you created & settings up mail that means you are almost done. Now we need to show the form to the page ( it might be contact form ). Wherever we want to show the contact form it’s easy, go to dashboard > Contact > Contact Forms, here is a list of contact forms you created. just copy a shortcode from the list you want to display and paste into the page. Follow the given screenshot bellow.
Once you place the form shortcode into the page don’t forgot to update. After updating the page click the view page top of the page. Now you can see your expected Contact Form. It’s awesome, isn’it?
Now check the form that it’s working correctly. Your contact form response directly to your given email in the mail settings. Yeah! It’s done perfectly. If you having any issue to receive email then have a look on the troubleshooting page. But you should check spam folder first
You can see more details the usage of contact form 7 in the official documentation.
What are the alternates?
1. WPForms:
It’s a premium drag & drop form builder. There is a feature to collect payments, donations, and online orders without hiring a developer also there is a subscriptions form to connect with your marketing service.
2. FormCraft:
Premium WordPress contact form plugin. It allows you to create a beautifull contact form. It has a feature drag & drop builder. It also gives you a options to display pop up form, embed google maps, videos, widgets etc.
3. Ninja Forms:
Ninja Form is a popular plugin for beginners. It has a drag & drop user interface which helps to make a quick & simple form. There is a Export and Import forms and favorite fields. More important thing is that it’s totally free. You don’t need to pay to have this.
4. Gravity Forms:
It’s easily configurable and customizable contact form with conditional logic. Gravity Froms allows you to create powerful & complex forms quickly. There is a important feature that it stores all submission data in the WordPress database.
5. Visual Form Builder:
It allows you to create a fully functional contact form within a few minutes. It’s so easier to create, don’t need to write any PHP, CSS, HTML codes. It has a drag & drop and one click duplicate form feature.



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