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    I am working on a new news site and I am intreseted to buy the full Viktor theme. However I have 2 question at this moment:

    1. I have update my Viktor Lite theme today to 1.2.6. however my plugin ‘Crypto Widget’ ticket (which show a cryptocurrency rates in the below bar is not working anymore. You only see a small piece of the bar like it thinks that the site is in mobile device state. Any idea how to fix this? If not; Is there a way to roll-back the theme update?

    2. Is possible to have less white space on the frontpage so that the 3 icons/colums come in earlier?

    (for 1 and 2 see the first screenshot)

    3. The thumbnails for the blog posts on the main page ( are not all of the same size. How can I ensure that all these thumbnails have the same size? (see second screenshot attached)

    The site I am working on is

    Thanks in advance for the support.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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