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What is upcoming Bootstrap 4.0?

What is upcoming Bootstrap 4.0?

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Twitter Bootstrap is a free, reliable and open-source front-end web framework for creating websites and web applications. The basic programming languages used for Bootstrap are HTML, CSS, and JS. Twitter Bootstrap allows web developers to create their beautiful and responsive website and mobile apps. We at DCSF create our  WordPress templates using Bootstrap framework.

Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton worked at Twitter and designed a front-end web app toolkit now known as Bootstrap. It has many advantages and a lot of key factors that drive developers to use this tool for their website and apps development.

First, this tool takes less time for coding because it a rich collection of pre-built libraries. The Bootstrap library is full of readymade piece of codes which can be used for designing websites or apps. There are a lot of styling and design aspects already taken care of. Since they are based on CSS.

Second, the main purpose of creating this tool is for consistency. Twitter had noticed big time inconsistencies while developers working on their front end projects. Bootstrap has brought the difference as results are uniform across different platforms such as desktop, netbook, tablet, and mobile devices. Similarly, we will see the same on different internet browsers such as Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox or even phones. Below are the main features of Bootstrap.

  • INTEGRATION is like a piece of cake in Bootstrap. For an example, if we need to use table styling all we need to do is select the style and copy them to the CSS file we are working with. At the same time, it will immediately launch its style and help linking up with the working file.
  • RESPONSIVENESS is the key factor. We need not fret over our work in case we are shifting our work from laptop to iPad or from iPad to Mac. It automatically adapts to the change in platform.
  • FUTURISTIC TOOL. Any future changes in a programming language can be adapted using this. It is equipped with strong elements and specifications. Therefore, this is considered the future design itself.
  • DOCUMENTATION. Bootstrap’s documentation is very impressive and easy to find whenever we need any help. This makes it user friendly from a developer point of view.
  • ADAPTABLE is the right word for Bootstrap. Any ordinary developer will need some time to figure this out and work on this. Eventually, we have mastered it in no time, all modular approaches and good architectures are combined together in the same platform.

What is Twitter Bootstrap upcoming version 4.0?

Bootstrap 4.0
Bootstrap 4.0 has arrived in the market with much ado and expectations. We must tell you, it seems to be the finest from the creators Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. And they are getting ready for the first beta release from Alpha 6.

Designed and created with all the love in the world, it’s a free, reliable and open-source front-end web framework for creating websites and web applications in fingertips.

Goal and Prerequisite:

We will go through the features and changes from a prior version of Bootstrap to have more understanding on this version.

Bootstrap uses HTML- and CSS-based design templates and it is a new age technology of creating your own websites and apps in the easiest way. A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is required.

Integrating Flexbox

Bootstrap 4.0 is now flexbox! Flexbox is a massively influential design layout tool, providing supreme control and flexibility to core mechanisms and grid system. The release comes at the price of dropping Internet Explorer 9 support but delivers important developments to alignment, sizing, and section layout.

Bootstrap 4.0 flexbox

If you are hearing about Flexbox for the first time, here’s something for you:

  • Horizontal or Vertical centring without coding values with margin or translate
  • Equal width and height cards
  • Right button and navigation groups
  • Columns are automatically organized in equal-width grid (for e.g., 2 columns are spontaneously 50% wide)
  • Easily change display, alignment, direction, and more with Utility classes.
  • No more broken table-style rendering or HTML white space
  • Auto margins for simple spacing

Totally all components now take benefit of flexbox in place of display: floats and table hacks. That means less dependence on clearfix, more control over visual order, DOM and lesser errors.

List groups, cards, Navs, and more all use flexbox. Even additional intricate components like, “carousel” have been changed to use flexbox in some instances.


Such cards substituted Bootstrap’s previous version’s old  panels. It is an extensive and flexible content container. It comprises options for a wide range of content, powerful display options, contextual background colours, along with headers and footers. They’re fundamentally separate content blocks with a ton of multipurpose options.

Below image demonstrates all the different things you can make with cards:


The big thing about Cards is you receive out of the box options to form these little card blocks in whichever way you want.

Worth noticing into the Card Decks and Card Groups. The contents can be of different sizes, but they will be all equal in height without any JS.

Reboot.css (New Reset Component)

Bootstrap used Normalize.css earlier as its CSS reset. Normalize is well-respected and great. With Bootstrap 4, they just took and added more Bootstrap gears to normalize.css

In common terms, they join their base styles and reset into one file. This is valuable because ultimately you could basically use just reboot.css on its own.

Sass for Customization

The word customization fits very well for Bootstrap 4 – maybe more than version 3.0. They’ve merged all the variable options to one file where you can compile your Sass easily with little effort.

There’s also a group of new customization options. You can take a sneak peek in the Bootstrap 4.0 documentation.

You can do many customizations like below:

  • Colours
  • Link Styles
  • Options (Flex Box, shadows, rounded, transitions, and more)
  • Spacing
  • Body
  • Grid Breakpoints
  • Grid Columns
  • Grid Containers
  • Components
  • Typography
  • Tables
  • And much more…

IE8 Support Dropped

IE8 support was dropped with this version. Dropping support for IE8 provides us the advantage of the best components of CSS without being stopped with CSS fall-backs or hacks. This means the maintainers can now pay attention to newer technologies and drive forward.

It’s still unclear if there will be a fractional support with a respond.js or HTML5 shiv or not. If you need IE 8 support, you’ll have to stay back using Bootstrap 3.

Display Headings

Display headings are main text for page headings. This permits you to give a fine customized style to any element.

There are 4 types of sizes right now. The higher the number, the more the heading size:

Bootstrap html

This is how it would show:

heading Bootstrap

35% Smaller Footprint

Bootstrap 4 is 35% smaller than the earlier Bootstrap 3! It was previously around 125 kb and around 90 kb. This is an enormous decrease for not losing out any special features.

Tether addition to Tooltips


Tether is incorporated into Popovers and Tooltips for better performance and auto-placement. It is built by the Hub Spot team and well-defined as a client-side library to make categorically placed elements attach to elements in the page professionally.

This means you must include tether.js if you want Popovers or Tooltips to function accordingly.

Outline Buttons

Bootstrap 4 has included new button styles with “Outline Buttons”. Outline Buttons are simply inverses or appear hollow of a normal button.

The classes are extremely straight forward:

Bootstrap buttons

This is how it would look like in action:

outline buttons


In fact, Bootstrap 4 is now only in alpha 6 stage, it’s still really electrifying. Bootstrap has come a long way since its first release. The team behind this is working their minds out to bring in the Beta version soon.

Stay tuned for more!



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