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Wix Vs WordPress: Choosing the Right Software For Your Website

Wix Vs WordPress: Choosing the Right Software For Your Website

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Wix and WordPress are two of the most impressive brands in the web building industry. Both provide high-quality themes, plugins, functionality and interface. They are leading the race among the other builders and publishers.

Before the launch of Wix, there have been many discussions on whether Wix is superior to WordPress. Users and Critics on both sides of the fence, each trying to ascertain that their select is the best. Here we believe that there are no perfect winners and losers because without agreeing on the user market and purposes, endorsing anything is simply meaningless.

In this Wix versus WordPress review, we’re going to cover the pros and cons of each platform in simple terms. You can notice that WordPress and Wix are both promising options, but for different purposes outlined below.

We’ll try to keep technical stuff to a minimum and focus on main features of each platform. Let’s explore and find which one is right for you:

1) Easy Usage


a) WixWix Vs WordPress

Wix has an intuitive, visual, and user-friendly interface where you’ll be conducting a lot of dragging, dropping and clicking.  This user-friendly interface makes it easy and quick to design and publish your website, even if you have practically no knowledge of web designing and coding. Therefore, Wix is suitable for beginners who want to build a simple website.

Example 1:

Wix has an innovative solution to drag-and-drop website building – Wix Artificial Design intelligence or Wix ADI. This Wix ADI is available for the major sections of website themes such as blog, business, portfolio, and real estate & resume. You can choose between Wix ADI and Wix Editor Classic.



The specialty of Wix is that it make things tremendously easy irrespective of the website building stage you are in: account creation, background change, blog posting, image additions or connecting a custom URL & domain. The whole thing can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

WordPress, regardless of being the most popular open source CMS available, it isn’t the simplest web publishing solution. WordPress is much more challenging to use than Wix, mostly because it isn’t an end-to-end solution for creating a website: with Wix you get all (hosting, widgets, templates and more) with one account. With WordPress, you only get a CMS, so there’s some learning needed for a beginner.

Since WordPress doesn’t take the visual style, so coding may be vital if any customization has to be prepared.

Example 2:

If you know how to navigate a website, you can surely build a website with Wix: it virtually requires no training. With WordPress, as a minimum knowledge of HTML/CSS is compulsory. While Wix comes with self-hosting and updated automatically, WordPress users must find a separate web hosting and manually update their software.
features, functionality & flexibility

wix settings

Wix is a multipurpose site builder with very easy editing interface. You can incorporate many extensions into your website – Wix App Market has an assembly of various free and paid add-ons. Here are some examples: Form Builder, Comment, Live Chat Room, Display Any Social Feeds, Customer reviews, Site Search, Events Calendar and much more.

All apps are easy to manage and install. Some are developed by Wix and some are delivered by 3rd-party developers. Let’s have a look at Wix’s internal features:

Blogging:  Featured posts, Facebook comments, Scheduled Blog posts, and Blog Archive.

Forum: You can install a simple forum from the App Market in your website. Intelligently managing it, you will obtain your own website community for building more traffic.

E-commerce: Ability to generate coupon codes, tax management, numerous payment options, etc. Wix’s Commerce machine is aimed for smaller business.

Wix Shout Out: Your Wix site lets you effortlessly accumulate data from your guests as they connect with your site. All their data is consequently saved to the Contacts segment in the dashboard.Wix Shout Out

You can utilize this information later to make Smart Actions by picking triggers and allocating activities. For example, you can set Smart Actions to welcome new customers to redeem a coupon when a new client joins to your newsletter.

Wix doesn’t expose the codes. They do have a ‘custom HTML’ widget, yet they don’t give full access to the website’s source code.




b) WordPress

Example 1:wordpress plugins

It began as a blogging platform, however immediately developed from this single purpose and turned into an adaptable program for making different sites, from portfolios to web stores. This has been possible due to many plugins which can create any sort of functionality to your website. Social plugins, SEO packages, Commenting systems, Security plugins are just a few names. However, you need to be familiar with the dashboard sections : Posts, Media, Pages, Appearance, Plugins and more in order to enhance your website features and functionality.

Example 2:
Adjusting usability with intricacy is difficult, the simpler the tool, the less adaptable it is. But this doesn’t have any significance to Wix. It gives you flawless blend of adaptability and convenience that is harder to reach with utilizing WordPress CMS.

Design Comparison :

No. of ThemesHundredsThousands
Theme CostFreeFree-$300
Visual EditorYesYes
Theme ChangeNoYes
Mobile OptimizedYesYes
CSS Coding EditingNoYes
  • Wix:  You can browse several wonderful, completely flexible themes in more than 70 industry classifications. There is additionally one-page theme layout and clear templates that characterize your future site’s structure. However, there is no content in them. All Wix layouts are mobile prepared, and you can change the versatile look of your site utilizing Wix’s Mobile Editor.
  • WordPress: There are two spots to discover WordPress themes: the theme directory, which is the greatest and official place to get a theme, and free theme online shops such as ours. There are free and premium themes available to use. Unlike Wix, you’ll have to learn some coding before trying to edit a WordPress theme. You can switch WordPress themes anytime.


2) Customer Support


a) Wix 

It has a considerable support centre.  Over 262,000 topics are posted in the official forum, tons of video tutorials, email support and also a complete education platform is available in Wix platform. You can find many heads-up in the editor itself – almost each editable component in the control panel comes with a help sign. Simply click for more details.
b) WordPress

You’ll experience no difficulty discovering WordPress specialists – there’s an enormous group of webmasters work in WordPress. However, there’s no official support staff.
Outcome WordPress is generally utilized; you’ll discover many web blogs, groups and YouTube channels devoted to this CMS, however, there’s no email address to call for assistance. Wix gives coordinated help and runs a broad knowledgebase.

3) Cost


a) Wix

It is a free plus premium site builder. You can create and publish a website with a free account. It will remain so until you choose to upgrade.

  • Plans cover Hosting charges, Themes, and Extensions
  • 5 paid versions: Connect domain ($4.50/month), VIP ($24.50), Unlimited ($12.50), e-commerce ($16.50), and Combo ($8.50).

If you choose to pay annually, the plans may get discounted.

Pricing OptionsConnect Domain ($4.50)CMS (Free)
Combo $8.50Hosting ($5+/mo)
Unlimited $12.50Plugins ($10+/mo)
eCommerce ($16.50)Pro Themes ($25+/mo)
VIP ($24.50/mo)
FeaturesFree PlanFree of Use
Hundred of Free ThemesOver 10K of Themes
Online StoreAll-Purpose Plugins
Unlimited BandwidthActive Community

b) WordPress 

The CMS itself is free. However, you’ll need to purchase a hosting plan in order to get published. Let’s do some calculation to evaluate the total cost of your WordPress site: hosting ($7-$12/month), plugins (free/$20-$200, one-time payment) and theme (free/$20-$100, one-time payment).

Wix arranges themes, web hosting, and free plugins. Yet, the cost can go up on if you have to introduce a paid application from the App market. On the other hand, WordPress is free, and the cost will rely upon a number of plugins you require, hosting provider, a premium theme and the sky is the limit from there.
You may likewise need to hire a web developer if profound customization has to be made. So the aggregate cost of your WordPress website may require more investment.


4) The Bottom-line:


Though WordPress appears to be more commanding than Wix, a lot of HTML and CSS learning is required to do well with this CMS. If you’re willing to spend your time and make an effort, then WordPress is a clever decision. This platform is more agile, urbane and may sustain for the longer period.

On the opposite, Wix does all the heavy pulling for you, and all that’s required from your end is uploading your content and little customization’s. It’s easy, fun and effective. But, you might face server issue and delay while doing content changes which is the biggest downside.

We leave it up to you to choose from.



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